Free Download Manager 6.17

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Free Download Manager是我一直在用的下载软件,功能很多,而且干干净净的。

  • 我们很高兴地宣布免费下载管理器已更新至 6.17。 新版本带来了多项改进和不同的错误修复,以增强稳定性。 该更新将允许您更改 BitTorrent 中传入连接的端口、重命名已下载的文件、以优化的方式对下载进行排序,以及其他新功能。 我们感谢 FDM 社区的每一位成员的支持和我们收到的反馈!
  • v6.17.0.4792 [Aug 18, 2022] STABLE
  • - Remote access (beta version). For example, access FDM running on your desktop PC from FDM running on your Android phone.
  • - BitTorrent: setting for changing port for incoming connections.
  • - File integrity check: SHA-512 support added.
  • - Improved startup time in some cases.
  • - Possibility to rename already downloaded files.
  • - Possibility to sort downloads using Status column.
  • - Show/hide some columns in the downloads list.
  • - Minor interface improvements.
  • - Fixed: bug in the shutting down process, which probably could lead to damage of service data.
  • - Fixed: FDM was not able to move files on some drives.
  • - Fixed: minor bugs.
  • - Fixed: Windows: [experimental] Software mode is enabled by default instead of OpenGL to hopefully avoid various issues.
  • - Fixed: macOS: bug detecting system theme.

Download for Windows 32-bit (29MB)

Download for Windows 64-bit (34MB)

Download for Mac OS X (37MB)

Download DEB for Linux 64-bit (34MB)

Download for Android 5 and higher (32-bit) (32MB)

Download for Android 5 and higher (64-bit) (35MB)


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