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It has been a while, but finally the code has got changes, new executables were compiled and prepared for testing.
This is the first public beta of eMule 0.60a.
Testing helped to fix a number of issues, the application got one step closer to release.
This is a release candidate. Please pay attention, this is not the release build yet.

Internally, the changes are extensive; there are security improvements and optimisations, a few bugs and regressions were fixed.
All that might be, and in many cases should be, invisible to users.

The visible side of the changes should be:

  • SMTP email notifications can use secure transmission and user authentication
  • HTTPS can be used for downloading server.met, nodes.dat, IP filter and language DLLs
  • servers: first connection is tried as obfuscated (often server capabilities were unknown at the time)
  • minor increase in KAD publishing rate
  • Windows UPnP implementation got changes (and needs field testing)
  • improved compatibility with the latest versions of mediainfo.dll, including 20.08
  • uniform checks for data rate limits
  • parts import for handling broken downloads (should be enabled in Options->Extended - for the current session only)

And now, have you been attentive enough and noticed plural form executables in the first phrase?
This is not a mistake, there are two executable files, because eMule gets 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

In 64-bit Windows it is possible to use well know "overwrite the executable" kind of upgrade as the simplest way to switch between 32-bit and 64-bit builds or versions - there and back.
Of course, external DLLs (MediaInfo.dll, for one) must have the same bitness as eMule itself.

Download links (release candidate):
eMule 0.60a 32-bit RC
eMule 0.60a 64-bit RC
Attention: It is impossible to change language (English) in these test builds. Language DLLs will be available in the release build.

It is advisable to update eMule.tmpl file (a regression was fixed) if you are using Web Interface. The file can be downloaded from repository.


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