uTorrent Stable 3.1.2 build 26740

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-- 2012-02-10: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26740)
- Fix: attempt to fix torrent list GUI issue
- Fix: Remove Plus features at uninstall time
- Fix: download translations works when the default language is selected
- Fix: fixed bug in Add torrent (choose save dir)
- Fix: torrent creation would sometimes create torrents with incorrectly ordered keys
- Fix: Create torrents with more than 65536 pieces and availability value error
- Fix: JSON encoding was incorrect in some cases, breaking the webui

-- 2012-02-07: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26729)
- Fix: string in comments wasn't translatable
- Fix: auto-hibernate and auto-standby left the client in a bad state when resuming

-- 2012-02-06: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26726)
- Feature: Add a dont-show-me-this-again check-box to virus warning and plus promo
- Fix: GUI refresh issue (torrents sometimes would not show up)
- Fix issues with torrent autoload dir (slow loading and reset when disabled).
- Fix: auto-shutdown quit the client instead of shutting down the system
- Fix: Don't delete settings when "Remove settings" in uninstall dialog is unchecked.

-- 2012-02-02: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26710)
- Fix: Add torrent (choose save dir...)

-- 2012-02-01: Version 3.1.2 RC3 (build 26708)
- Fix: polish some text in a few dialogs
- Change: A/V icon in status bar behaves better when clicked on
- Change: report if plus apps fail to install
- Fix: more crashes

-- 2012-01-31: Version 3.1.2 RC2 (build 26705)
- Fix: set download location on magnet link would crash
- Fix: antivirus wouldn't scan/update properly sometimes (plus only)
- Fix: autoshutdown on completion

-- 2012-01-30: Version 3.1.2 RC1 (build 26702)
- Fix: various asserts (e.g. adding torrents with label, ratings)
- Fix: fixed DHT issue where uTorrent would return peers for non-existent torrents
- Fix: don't url encode urls of web seeds

-- 2012-01-26: Version 3.1.2 beta (build 26696)
- Fix: fixed issue where peers sending bad data wouldn't get banned
- Fix: False positive hash failures


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